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Is It Okay To Leave My Marriage Temporarily? | What Does God Say?

The opposing question that we are going to be addressing in the Academy is whether or not it's okay to leave your husband (temporarily)?

We are going to breakdown the Key-Factors that would make a temporary separation from your spouse good, which factors aren't good when considering leaving (Biblically), and life events that lead to the mindset of walking away.

If you're on the fence with your marriage, my advice to you is this...

Don't play with it. Get the clarity and help that you need to thrive especially if you are at a place where you simply want to give up.

Separation and Divorce not only affects the parents, but the children - which leaves children growing up with abandonment issues, rejection issues, and the like even though it had nothing to do with them. Studies show that children many times feel they were the reason for the parents splitting up.

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