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Contemplating Leaving Your Husband

Updated: May 6, 2021

Have you become so stressed in your marriage that even with your Christian faith, you desire to leave? Inwardly, your saying, "God, he's disrespectful, un-attentive, passive, lazy," or whatever the case may be...

With everything that you've endured, have you given 100% of yourself to see the transition and fruition of the marriage that you desire to have?

Have you taken your husband and the issues you dislike to the Lord? - or have you taken matters into your own hands to fix - through statements, stares, nagging, fussing, etc.?

Marriage is an institution that was created by God and when we have issues in our marriages, we must submit everything to the Lord because He knows how to resolve anything - and can reveal wisdom to us on how to work through our issues practically.


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