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Divorce Prevention: 3 Keys to Protect Your Marriage

Divorce is a thing that not only affects the 2 individuals involved, but it trickles down into every crack and crevice of their lives and surroundings - (i.e. children, parents, church members, etc.)

In today's podcast, we are looking at Divorce Prevention and will discuss the 3 keys to help you protect your marriage in season and out.

The enemy has waged war against marriages and his ultimate goal is to destroy them all so that the beauty God created for them to be (as a mirror of love in the earth) can exist no more.

By the end of this podcast, you will have 3 powerful keys to implement into your day to day life as a wise and proactive wife to help you keep the barrier and fire surrounding your marriage hot and protected from demolition.

I pray you enjoy this episode!

- Gloria


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The Eloquent Wife Podcast | Gloria Warren

Episode #10


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