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Feeling Lost In Ministry

Do you ever feel like you give and you give and you give, and in return, you become more and more drained?

As we discussed Dealing With Self for our Season 2 premiere last week, I stated that you're only as good to others as you are to and for yourself; and so if you aren't okay, it's going to bleed over into the lives of those you hold closest to you.

For this entire season, I feel compelled to deal with topics concerning the whole woman and today, the topic that was heavy on my heart is concerning wives in ministry.

The work of the ministry never diminishes. For this reason, it can cause one to feel resentment, anxiety, and stress towards the very thing(s) and people God has called them to.

Whether you are in ministry, helping your husband in ministry, or feel as though God is calling you into ministry, I believe you will be able to pull nuggets from this episode!

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