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How to Create the Perfect Staycation During COVID-19

Since many of us are quarantined during this COVID-19 pandemic, its still important that we nurture our marriage. Many couples are feeling the stress from job lay offs and businesses closing - and to say the least, it can all have a strong impact on your marriage.

So, I believe now is the time - more than ever for us as wives to really create a peaceful, enjoyable home. And so, I have 6 ideas to help you plan and create the perfect staycation this weekend to help refocus you and your husband's attention on something that's positive.

Now that we are instructed to stay home, it's the perfect time for you and your husband to get close and really become that valuable asset to each other.

First Things First Designate a specific spot in your home that you can switch up for your staycation. If you have children, the living room may not be the best choice - so maybe think about you're office room or bedroom. Here are 5 things you can do to create the perfect staycation. Simple planning

1. Mix and match you're regular routine

Couple sitting together looking at computer
Couple spending quality time together

That stale routine that you normality follow, rearrange it a little bit to create some diversity. Doing the same thing everyday at the exact same time can get a little boring. Structure is good - don't get me wrong, but, for this cause, we want to shake it up a bit and create some mystery. Husbands still enjoy the thrill of the chase!

2. Have a spa night

Two words... bubble bath

A beautiful bathroom tub and view
Create the perfect spa date

If the tub is too small for the both of you, shower together. The mindset here is to just be together. No distractions. No children. Just you and your husband.

3. Romantic dinner for 2

Late night romantic dinner for 2
Romantic dinner for 2

Who said we can't enjoy luxury just because we're stuck in the house? Last I checked, we still have to make runs to the grocery store for essential items. What's stopping you getting

  • Flowers

  • Chocolate

  • Sparkling

  • Dessert

Here is your time where you can go all out. We have all probably played out pizza delivery. If you create a luxurious - romantic atmosphere, fix his favorite dishes, and invest time to slow cook the food - allowing the seasonings to marinate, Girl!

Fried porkchops
Romantic dinner for 2

That pride you use to have when it came to having your man sprung over you, well here you go. (You're welcome! ) If you don't have everything you need and are trying to limit your trips to the store, depending on where you live, you may be able to get delivery service. I personally use Instacart and they deliver my groceries directly to my door.

4. In home massage

You don't have the privilege of calling in a masseur, so why not become that for your husband - and vise versa.

Who dosn't need their stress to be alleviated?

So you set a time that you know will be uninterrupted. If you have shall children, you plan it around their bed time.

Her: But I'm not good at massaging.

Me: Will he really care?

Your touch, attention, effort, and love is what will shine through the most. If you're that bothered, get a 5 minute YouTube lesson on massaging for beginners and become the best masseur he's ever had! 5. Turn off social media

Black couple laying in bed on phones
Turn off social media and talk

You have to do it - and I'm even speaking to myself! With you + everybody else having no plans, it has taken us away (even more) from our husband's - and vise versa. Like really, why do we need to keep scrolling? Nothing on Instagram has changed that much from the last check - 20 minutes ago.

Let's commit to turning our phones off or if you're uncomfortable doing that, silence it and or log off so the temptation to scroll becomes less.

May this time draw you closer to the heart of your husband and build bonds that can never be broken. Be intentional about nurturing your marriage.


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