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How To Know He's The One


Marriage is a beautiful thing and shouldn't be entered into lightly - therefore, I want to share advice and tips with my single sisters on how to know when a man is the one.

Some of the things I talk about:

  • What are his characteristics?

  • Do you share the same faith?

  • Is he respectful?

  • How does he respond to children?

  • Does he respect your family?

Note: A man often knows how to tell a woman the right things to move her heart.

Challenge: Don't get so caught up in the talk where you overlook actions. (Actions will be the telltale sign.)

Let's talk...


You can get the free resource I mentioned in today's video below.

From the nagging wife to the one he adores... Download my FREE Guide and learn the "5 Key Elements Every Christian Wife Needs to Access the Heart of Her Husband"


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