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I Have a New Single!!!

Sweep Me Away is now available on all digital platforms and I want you to go Download or Stream now!!!


It was the summer of 2018 when the Lord started dealing with me heavily concerning marriage. This was before the fruition of The Eloquent Wife. I had the name, but I had no concept that it would be the ministry you see today.

I was preparing for my next recording session when the Lord dropped His concern for marriages in my heart. As contrary as this next sentence I'm getting ready to share with you may be... I feel the Lord was revealing to me that it's not His perfect will that Christian couples have to go to the world for "love" music. There are so many talented Christian artists that could create for their own in-house.

Some songs that speak of love are disguised as beautiful and romantic - but are wrapped in spirits of lust and perversion. My take away from this revelation moment was that God wants the intent for marriage to return to back to purity in all forms.

Therefore, I'm very proud to present an answer to couples who desire clean love music from a Christian source.

Pastors, First Lady's, Deacons, Sunday School Teachers have all shared their optimism and appreciation for having music to enjoy with their spouse and my prayer is that God restores marriages and uses each couple mightily for His Glory.



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