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Prayer Affirmations for a Distant Husband


#MRS gives you the authority to petition Heaven and speak life into the dry places in your life as well as your husband's life.

Sitting around waiting for change to happen will birth absolutely nothing... and for this reason, you must understand that your greatest weapon will forever and always be #prayer! It's not for the sake of being cliche, but because what you stand in need of can only be brought forth by the Power of God.

This new "Prayer Affirmations for a Distant Husband" serves one purpose only and that is to speak life (the Word of God) into dry bones!

This Download is perfect for you if you've ever asked any one of these questions:​

  • What does the Bible say to a woman who feels unloved by her husband?

  • Why is my husband so cold and distant towards me?

  • Why is my husband distant and not affectionate towards me?

  • How to live with an emotionally distant husband?

  • Why won't my husband touch me?

  • Why is my husband never there when I need him?

  • Reasons my husband is distant?

  • How do I make my husband stop acting distant and mad at me?

  • How to understand a cold and distant spouse?

  • What is emotional abandonment in marriage?

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