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Premium Services

Are you tired of trying to figure things out? Never able to obtain a clear strategy with innovative ideas for your brand or ministry launch? Does it seem like everything you do fall to the ground? If this has been your struggle for the last 5,10, 20 years, your prayer to God is probably a plea for the day break.

(I can attest to this because I was once in this place.)


Listen, you don't have to waste another 24 hour day or racking your brain. My Brand Strategy Services are designed to provide swift clarity with an execution plan designed specifically for you - to help thrust into the place where you know God has promised to you - and might I add, has shown you in your dreams.


Faith without works is dead being alone.


Quick Backstory: The Lord lead me to launch The Eloquent Wife® in April of 2020 to speak encouragement to wives. He has blessed me with His wisdom and favor that has allowed my social presence to exceed 35,000+ followers - all in less than 2 years. Only God could have done this for a small town country girl from MS. If I had allowed my fears, insecurities, or my own plans to get in the way, you wouldn't be reading this today. The women who have been impacted and blessed by this ministry would have never read the post or watched the 5 minute video that helped to bring deliverance to her heart when she couldn't talk to anyone about what she was enduring in the privacy of her home. I was literally running from this call for 2 years before I said yes. I had no idea what it would grow to be. I only saw a state of vulnerability connected to the topics I would have to discuss and didn't want the responsibility. With that being said, your perception and His plan may be two completely different things.


If you're here for the platform, you've missed the point. If you're here because you feel a burning on the inside because you know there's more but don't know how to nurture it into manifestation, this service is for you. This is not an overnight formula service. This service is grounded in biblical principles (tailored to you) that will walk you through strategic/practical pointers to implement for sustainable growth.

Brand Strategy 1Hr Call

Standard Service - $1500

  1. "Know, Like, and Trust" 101 

  2. Brand Name + Infringement Check

  3. Discuss all pain points + create solution to solve troubled areas

  4. 3 Significant ways to boost your social media presence

  5. Build a solid 3 month plan to strategically follow

Brand Strategy 3Hr Call

Premium Service - $3500

  1. Analytics and Data training

  2. "Know, Like, and Trust" 101 

  3. Brand Name + Infringement Check

  4. Discuss all pain points + create solution to solve troubled areas

  5. Unpack 2 Key imperative ways to stop drowning in your niche 

  6. 3 Significant ways to boost your social media presence

  7. Identify your target audience + create a plan that resonates and attracts

  8. Discuss your top 2 major goals

  9. Build a solid 6 month plan to strategically follow

  10. Includes Free Website Template with a value of $1000 - Fully Customizable 

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Gloria Warren

"My passion is taking the heart felt ideas of my clients and making them into a reality." With affordable prices, you can birth the vision that is resting in your heart.

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