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The Core Basics E-Course

(New) || The Core Basics: The Fundamental Tips, Tools, and Pointers to Build a Prosperous Marriage

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The Core Basics is a 1 Hour (digital) e-course designed to teach basic fundamental tips, tools, and pointers to Christian wives on how they can build a prosperous marriage in a society that has deemed divorce as the norm.

In this 12 segment video e-course, I discuss various topics that generally lead to years of issues with married couples when left unchecked.

As a Certified Christian Relationship Coach, my message stems from a biblical perspective. Because of my faith and source being Jesus, wives will undoubtedly receive a solid foundation on what it looks likes to honor God and their Husband as a wife.

We focus a lot on behaviors and actions to stay away from that could be harmful to your marriage.

This course is ONE OF A KIND and perfect for you if you:

  • Desire to be married

  • Are engaged to be married

  • Have had a rocky start in your marriage

  • Have personal (past) issues hindering you from enjoying your marriage

  • Lack godly marriage examples and desire reassuring direction

  • Desire Christian based guidance

  • Love investing into your marriage

Enroll today for The Core Basics. This e-course will help provide clarity on how you should operate as a sound wife according to God's standards.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside! ♡

This is a digital product. No items will be shipped. Internet or WiFi is required to access this product. Watch at your own pace.



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