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The Eloquent Wife Facebook Group

Safe Haven for Christian Wives
Safe place for wives to be transparent and discuss any subject concerning marriage and life as a Christian wife without judgement.
The Eloquent Wife (Christian Wife Facebook Group

The Eloquent Wife Group is a place where Christian wives can gather together and learn more about the heart of God, the love of God, and discuss candid topics concerning all things pertaining to marriage without judgement.

Even as women of God, we sometimes have questions that aren't addressed in church but we still need to know - and shouldn't have to seek worldly advice for answers.

This is a private community and will never be open to the public due to the nature of topics that will be discussed here. This space allows for all genuine questions and concerns - and if it is ringing in your heart, know that you will never be labeled or judged for simply seeking help, prayer, or clarity.

For example: Question topics can revolve around subjects such as || sex, infidelity, anxiety, insecurity, trauma, abuse, infertility, miscarriage, in-law issues, porn recovery, + more.

** Depending on the question sensitivity, members have the option to ask anonymously.

We will not accept profiles without profile pictures or profiles that can't be distinguished from a spam account.

If your request is denied, you are more than welcome to resubmit after correcting the requirements.

Requirements: - Married woman - Have a profile picture

Join us as we grow in Wifelihood and grace.

. . . For more in-depth teaching, join us over at The Eloquent Wife Academy. Learn more here - https://www.gloriawarren.com/tew-info



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