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(EP13: Wife Self Care) The Fear of Being a Failure // The Eloquent Wife Academy // Gloria Warren

For Week 1 in The Eloquent Wife Academy, we are focusing on the area of self care. Our theme for January is "My Soul Is Troubled", and today, our topic is, "The Fear of Being a Failure."

If you are a Christian wife or engaged to be married and have been looking for a place of growth, safety, authenticity, and sisterhood for Christian wives, you have found the perfect place.

The Academy classes, material, and resources are exclusive to subscribed members and we would love for you to join the family.

Because there are so many wives dealing with depression and the spirit of heaviness, I felt compelled to open our doors today to minister to the hearts of as many women who will come across this video!

If you are blessed by this class, this is only a small portion of what you'd have to look forward to if you joined TEW Academy.

If you feel God leading you to join TEW Academy, follow the link below to subscribe and start receiving exclusive access to our community.

Choose which plan best suits your needs.


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