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The Eloquent Wife® Academy is a private online platform designed to help wives and wives to be in the areas of: The Biblical Role of a Wife, Conflict Resolution, Revival of Intimacy, Surviving Narcissism, Mental Wellness, Vulnerability, and a bonus teaching on Surviving Pregnancy Loss for those struggling with grief.


Each theme offers 3 classes to help you walk through the necessary steps needed to flourish and build a healthy, long-lasting marriage you can wake-up to daily love and enjoy.

When you become a member, you will gain access to our 21 classes that can be streamed over a 6 month period - allowing you to learn and grow at your own pace. We use a one time payment system to help you get started on your journey to being an exceptional godly wife.

The Eloquent Wife Academy

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You'll gain access to ...
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Up to 21 Classes within
The Eloquent Wife Academy

Private Streaming
Available 24/7

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private Community
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Plans & Pricing
  • TEW Academy Elite

    Christian Wife Equipping + Marriage Prep and Training
    • One time payment
    • Lifetime Access
    • 1 FREE Marriage Session w/Gloria
    • Access to exclusive (downloadable) resources
    • Access to Exclusive Sales and Promotions
    • Course 1: The Role of a Wife (3 classes)
    • Course 2: Conflict Resolved (3 classes)
    • Course 3: Intimacy Revived (3 classes)
    • Course 4: Surviving Narcissism (3 classes)
    • Course 5: My Soul Is Troubled (Fear) (3 classes)
    • Course 6: Lacking Vulnerability (3 classes)
    • Course 7: Infant + Pregnancy Loss (3 classes)

Due to the nature of these services, all sales are final.

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