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What Can I Do? | My Husband Doesn't Please Me | Christian Blog

If you aren't pleased sexually, you owe it to yourself and your husband to have a "honest conversation" about the lack of pleasure that you are enduring in your marriage. It's okay to present your truth as long as you do it in love. Words are powerful and can wound a person if done incorrectly. Have a conversation, sis! Stop sweeping it under the rug and being misleading about your experience. It's not God's will that you just exist. The Lord created sex to bring a husband and a wife together in a way that can only exist through intercourse. You weren't created just to be the fulfillment for someone else. God's perfect will is that you yourself experience the highest level of love with your husband as well. It may take time, but trust Jesus to make all things new and deal with your husband in the areas where he has allowed selfishness to distract him from your needs. The precious daughter of Jesus, He sees and He cares!


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