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What Is a Wife? | The Husband Corner

Wife - A woman worthy to be loved before the kids go to bed.

The way you pursued her before marriage is the way you should pursue and love her within the marriage.

The worst thing your wife can feel is being a "legalized" hookup. #bibleway

"...the Bible says don't withhold yourself..." is #part of the conversation.

There's also a part that tell husbands, "love your wives, and do not be harsh with them." (Colossians 3:19)

If you expect an abundance of love reciprocated to you - what has been added to her that would make her overflow in abundance?

Is she overflowing in abundance of: • Safety • Love • Trust • Self-confidence

Is she being washed with the word (Ephesians 5) - or is she constantly being talked "at" or "down" to - while competing with your: • Video game • Video vixen • Socail Media • Work • Church

Paying the bills and going to work is the duty of every man.

What makes you the man she's proud to say - 15 years down the road she knows 100% she made the right decision in saying YES to you without #regret?


》 Many wives feels neglected, trapped, and quite frankly like a piece of meat - only wanted when they're wanted and neglected the rest of the time.

• This is not a statistic of the world - but one from Christian wives concerning their Christian husbands.

Restoration is now for Marriages.


Free Download | Prayer Affirmations of a Distant Husband for Christian Wives
Prayer Affirmations for a Distant Husband | The Eloquent Wife | Gloria Warren


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