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Righteous Pleasure ECourse - The Christian Wife Ultimate Guide to Sex In Marriage - By Glo
Righteous Pleasure - The Christian Wife Ultimate Guide to Sex In Marriage (1280 x 720 px)

Righteous Pleasure

The Christian Wife Ultimate Guide To Sex In Marriage

Righteous Pleasure - The Christian Wife Ultimate Guide to Sex In Marriage (1280 x 720 px)

Meet Your E-Course Instructor

Gloria Warren // Certified Christian Relationship Coach

Hello there! My name is Gloria Warren and I'm a wife, mother, minister, Certified Christian Relationship Coach, and Founder of The Eloquent Wife.


SEX has been such a Taboo subject for hundreds of years, and while it is a very intimate and private matter, Christian wives all over the world are trying to figure out "what's what" when it comes to the bedroom. 

For years, the Church has hammered the message, "No! No! No!" which may have you wondering, "So what is okay and a YES now that I'm married?" 


In this E-Course, "Righteous Pleasure: The Christian Wife Ultimate Guide to Sex In Marriage", we will dig into topics that you may have never heard addressed within the four walls of "church" so that we can gain a clear understanding of God's perfect design for sex in marriage and fully enjoy God's perfect gift.

Note:  //  Believe it or not, for this course, I pulled the most searched inquiries amongst Christians wives who are seeking sincere answers for these topics within their marriage. 


Even as women of God, we have to have space to ask real questions and these questions are legit when it comes to marriage. 


This course will be very candid, sensitive, yet thorough. I love being able to offer this information to you where you can receive godly answers and not have to disclose which question or concern you're wondering about to anyone! (One reason I LOVE our private streaming platform!)


You can expect nothing less than classy and biblical truth as I allow the Lord to lead me in addressing these questions.


There will be a workbook to follow this course as well to download and keep on hand of everything we discuss. 


If you are a Member of The Eloquent Wife Academy, you can use your discount code for this course! :)


I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

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Module 1  //  God's Design
  1. What Is Sexual Intercourse?

  2. Who was Sex Intended For?

  3. Why did God Create Sex?

  4. What's Considered a Don't in the Marriage Bed?

  5. Undefiled Meaning

Module 2  //  Pleasure 1.0
  1. My Body

  2. The Importance of Foreplay

  3. V. Penetration 

Module 3  //  Clarity 1.0  
  1. But What About Oral Sex?

  2. And Anal Sex?

  3. Sex Toys?

  4. What's After Missionary?

  5. The G.O. For Me

  6. Birthday Suit or Lingerie

Module 4  //  Clarity 2.0
  1. Porn as a Teacher?

  2. Declutter the Mind

  3. Say NO to Faking (Integrity)

Module 5  //  Self Care
  1. Yeast Infections

  2. Bacteria Vaginitis

  3. Sore + Burnout

Module 6  //  Freedom
  1. Blessed Sheets

  2. Be Swept Away

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